Explotation of the house.

  • Though the designing and construction of a Passive House is a fine process, the exploitation of the house is easy and comfortable. In contrast with conventional buildings, the Passive House is additionally provided with recuperation system, which is as easy controllable as TV. Besides, the filters are to be changed only once a year, preferably before the heating season.
  • A Passive House does not require an active heating, it uses its indoor heat sources – human occupants, the sun, household appliances. The concept bases on excellent heat insulation and effective air exchange system. Heat is preserved in rooms and, therefore, there is no need for an active heating system. Certainly, some additional energy is necessary to provide constant climate and continuous level of comfort in rooms, but it is reached using minimal resources.
  • You are allowed to open the windows in a Passive House, however, it is not necessary, because the ventilation system constantly provides good quality indoor air; it automatically extracts moisture or bad odours. Fine filters keep out dust, pollen and other particulate materials – an invaluable advantage for people who suffer from allergies. However, the windows can be opened if desired, for example to let in the scent of flowers and listen to the twittering of birds in early spring mornings.

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