Advantages of the Passive House

Determinant benefits making Passive House the best choice:

  •   High level of comfort;
  •   Fresh air in all rooms (without draught) year-round;
  •   Proper assembly of constructions and materials guarantee no increased humidity in rooms, eliminate the risk of growing mould, condensate;
  •   Extremely low energy consumption – means against rising energy prices;
  •   Contribution to protecting the planets ecosystem.

Here are the facts that will convince you! A Passive House is comfortable.
A Passive House is enclosed in a very well-insulated thermal envelope to ensure that the heat stays in the house. This means:

  •   Evenly warm surfaces in room;
  •   Constant indoor climate;
  •   No fluctuations in temperature and no draughts;
  •   The comfort ventilation continuously provides clean, pleasantly warm and fresh indoor air.

High energy efficiency radically reduces CO2 emissions; The Passive House standard significantly contributes to environmental protection and helps preserve limited resources such as gas and oil;
The remaining energy demand in Passive Houses can be completely covered by renewable energy sources (the sun, wind, earth heat);
Our houses are designed in a way to use naturally renewable energy sources (wood) at maximum which reduces the energy consumption in the process of building materials production.

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