EcoPure Homes™

„Give Your Family Cosy and Healthy Future!”
Timber frame houses «EcoPure Homes™» – it is a special building technology, which combines our work experience of many years and the use of new technologies in designing, production and construction. «EcoPure Homes™» meet the growing demands of customers in terms of ecology, design and planning. «EcoPure Homes™» – these are new generation frame houses for reasonable prices.

In construction of «EcoPure Homes™» we use ecologically pure materials caring for environmental protection and health of our family.
Our houses are designed in a modern and elegant style. You are welcome to visit our gallery. Room planning can be changed depending on your wishes, but it always stays well-considered and ergonomic. It is a comfortable home – a place you always want to return to.

Please, contact us to find out more about the advantages of choosing «EcoPure Homes™».

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